Priority Pest Protection is one of the only companies offering free termite inspections for homeowners in the Nashville area. We want our customers to know whether wood destroying organisms are present in their homes or businesses. If we do find activity, there is no obligation to secure treatment from us. We simply offer options. Many times, we don’t find termites at all. Our pest control company also issues termite letters for real estate transactions and for insurance purposes. Call for details.

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Termite Activity & Treatments

Unfortunately, Tennessee is a popular state for termites. These pests are active in Nashville, East Tennessee, and West Tennessee. Our state primarily sees Subterranean and Drywood termites. Subterranean termites almost always require soil contact to live, whereas Drywood termites do not require soil and can live within furniture, hardwood floors, or wooden support beams.

If you do have termites and choose our company for treatment…

We use one of the best and most effective products available: Termidor® SC Termiticide/insecticide. Priority Pest offers termite damage and retreatment warranties.
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Free Home Termite Inspection Services

We are one of the only pest control companies in Nashville who offers free termite inspections. In many cases our exterminators don’t find termites or resulting damage. We present honest wood destroying organism findings to our customers.

Termite Letters

Priority Pest Protection also offers termite letters. There is a charge for our company to issue a termite letter.

Swarming Season in Nashville, TN

Termite swarming season in Nashville usually occurs between March and June, after the final freeze of the winter. Once the temperatures hit the 70s and their colony reaches a large enough size this activity is prone to commence. These insects work to squeeze through any space they can such as separations in the foundation or openings in the walls. Termites generally choose to swarm on a warm day after it rains. You may find some swarming occur in heated buildings during colder months. When termites swarm, the winged adults are flying away to form their own colonies. In many cases the swarming colonies are subterranean termites, but they may also be drywood or dampwood termites. The dampwood bugs are not really an issue since they generally do not harm structures such as your home.

What to Do When You See Swarming Termites

It can be alarming to find termites swarming in or near your home. Your property may be infested with termites or you may not have termites at all. Flying ants can look very similar to flying termites. You will want to take care of the problem either way. If you have a termite bond, call your termite company to investigate.

In the Nashville area, call our termite experts at 615-758-6502. We will come to your home and determine the best course of action.

Priority Pest Protection’s exterminators are trained to deal with swarming termites and locate the areas of your home that require treatment.

We know you have a choice when it comes to pest control companies. Here are some reasons to choose Priority Pest Protection:

  • Our office staff and exterminators want to earn your business by providing the best treatments and service around.
  • We contact our customers ahead of time and offer options of the dates and times of pest service.
  • We will retreat your property if you see evidence of pests within 30 days of treatment.
  • Have a pest control question? Ask our expert termite inspectors and exterminators

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“Priority Pest presented the best price and offered to provide more services for that price. …We  like the fact that we have the same  technician every time and when I call the response is quick.  When we call their office a person answers the phone and not a machine.  We highly recommend this local Mt. Juliet company to anyone considering Pest Service.”

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