Termites are a definite threat to our home and business properties in Middle Tennessee. The moderate springtime temperatures enjoyed by Tennesseans along with consistent moisture in the ground and atmosphere make a perfect habitat for termites in the Nashville area.

About Termites in Tennessee

The main type of termite found in Tennessee is the Eastern subterranean termite, a highly destructive wood-destroying insect. These insects live underground in large colonies and like bees are organized with clear roles and division of labor. There are three roles divided amongst eastern subterranean termites.

  • Workers
  • Soldiers
  • Reproductives

The workers and soldiers are blind and similar looking with a creamy white coloring, though soldiers have an elongated yellow head and large jaws used to protect the nest. The reproductives are the kings and queens of the nest. They have a dark brown or black coloring, are larger in side and have two pairs of wings. This wings will eventually break off, leaving behind a first sign for homeowners of infestation.

Are Tennessee Termites Harmful?

Eastern subterranean termites themselves are not dangerous. They don’t bite or sting, and they do not carry any disease communicable to humans. The harm that termites in Tennessee bring is to the structural integrity of your home. Since termites live in large colonies consisting of thousands to millions of termites per colony they can cause massive damage to the wood in your home with ease. Early detection and a rapid program plan are your best solutions.

How to Get Rid of Termites: Treatment Plans

It is nearly if not completely impossible to get rid of termites without professional help. Termites are rarely ever spotted outside of their tunnels and nests which makes it extremely difficult to truly know the extent of infestation and damage. Not completely clearing an infestation properly will only lead to further infestations. Priority Pest Protection has been treating termites since 2001. Our exterminators have developed the best treatment programs and techniques that produce the optimal results. To get rid of termites in the Nashville, Tennessee area once and for all, call Priority Pest Protection.

Priority Pest Protection is glad to perform a complimentary termite inspection of your home. We will let you know what we find and treatment is optional.

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