Nashville Exterminators: Home Pest Control Program

Spider pest controlPriority Pest Protection offers quarterly home pest control service with NO CONTRACT. The Nashville area is home to a wide variety of pests including the potentially harmful brown recluse and black widow spiders. Household insects and other pests bring harmful organisms into your home. Priority Pest believes your home and family’s best defense is our Quarterly Pest Control Plan. Our exterminators know which pests are prevalent and indigenous to the local area and will treat your property to keep them away from your home and family.

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How Our Quarterly Pest Control Program Works

Our customers love our quarterly pest control program because it costs less per visit than a monthly service and protects their homes from annoying bugs and other pests. Having no contract means you can halt service when you like.

The majority of companies providing quarterly extermination service simply treat the perimeter exterior of your home. While exterior service is important in providing a protective barrier around your property, we find it imperative to treat your home’s interior as well. Our office staff will call you and work with your schedule to ensure we are about to treat your entire home. We do not work under a contract, as we don’t want you locked into a service you don’t find valuable. We are one of the only pest control companies in Nashville who works on a no contract basis. If you want to discontinue or cancel your service plan, give us a call.

Areas of Extermination Treatment

Bugs we Exterminate with Quarterly Service:

We offer a Pest Free Guarantee! Our exterminators will treat your home and guarantee you are pest free; if you still see bugs, we will return at no additional charge. Just give us a call.

Our regular service takes care of roaches, ants, crickets, household spiders, silver fish, mice, rats, fleas, beetles, wasps, and other general bugs and insects.

Brown recluse infestations require a special treatment service.

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