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The damage that ants can cause is astonishing considering their size. In the state of Tennessee, battling these tiny creatures can be a daily chore and a major pain. Though the early spring seems to bring out the ants in full force, keeping your home and business protected from these tiny insects is a year-round task. You may want to consider monthly or quarterly pest control service to address ant problems.

Ant Extermination

If you are under siege from ants in Tennessee, Priority Pest Protection’s service team can help. We provide Nashville ant extermination services that are safe for both children and pets. Our methods are proven effective and work rapidly to relieve you of your ant problems.

Most Common Ants Seen in Tennessee

Fire Ants

Fire ants are the scourge of the Southern US, and Tennessee is no exception. These tiny red, black, and brown ants with copper colored heads are highly aggressive and territorial. They form new colonies by branching off from a mature colony or by hitching a ride on or in a planter when you relocate your potted plants. The main problem is their sting. Fire ants will sting anyone (or anything) they see as threatening to them. Priority Pest can help you prevent an all-out fire ant assault in and around your home with an aggressive, year-round pest prevention program.

Carpenter Ants

These tiny black ants nest in wood and will destroy your home if left to their own devices. Carpenter ants prefer water-damaged wood, so you should be extra careful if you’ve had any recent leaks or other damage from water. Their main colonies are normally located outdoors in dead or rotting wood, but the satellite colonies take hold in hidden structures of your home or building. These tiny creatures can cause significant structural damage if not eradicated.

Little Black Ants

These tiny black ants are not to be confused with carpenter ants. These ants come in search of food. Though they do not sting like fire ants or destroy your home like carpenter ants, instead they demolish food stores and cause sanitation issues. They tend to stay out of site so the few you see are only a small percentage of the actual population. The pest prevention and control specialists at Priority Pests can help rid your home or business of this annoying problem with a safe ant extermination.

Odorous House Ants

Like little black ants, these ants are not particularly dangerous either, but they do cause a stink reminiscent of rotten coconut when squished. They venture out in search of food and water and are extremely difficult to eliminate without the help of a qualified pest control specialist. They will take advantage of any small crack or crevice to enter your home or business. These ants are virtually impossible to get rid of without an ant extermination.

At Priority Pest Protection, our ant extermination services as well as all our services come fully warrantied, with no strings or contracts attached. We won’t put your family at risk by using unsafe chemicals in our pest and termite treatments. As a family owned and operated company our office staff and onsite exterminators take pride in making every customer, which is our first priority.

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