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Bed bugs are prevalent in Tennessee homes and hotels/bed & breakfasts. This page provides some enlightening information about these dreaded parasites and how to get rid of them.

What are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small parasites who feed on human blood. They were labeled “bed” bugs because they tend to live in beds, bedding or other sleep areas such as couches, ottomans and easy chairs. Because they are small and nocturnal, they are difficult to detect. They are usually found after a person has been bitten. Unfortunately, these bites can cause a number of negative health impacts. Three of these are 1) allergic reactions, 2) skin rashes, or even 3) psychological effects.

Bed Bug Inspections

Prior to treatment, you will want to confirm you actually have bed bugs rather than fleas, lice, scabies mites, hair follicle mites, or other insects. Priority Pest Protection offers free bed bug inspections in the Nashville area for business owners or home owners. If it is confirmed you have bed bugs, we will let you know how prevalent they are and whether you have an infestation. We will also offer treatment options.

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Treatments for Bed Bugs: Getting Rid of Them

Although you may be tempted to try something yourself to kill off bed bugs, it can be very dangerous. For public health and your health, hiring a professional to remove them is best. A pest control expert will be able to discover all the area they dwell and all the places they may have laid eggs.

Even though bed bugs are human parasites, they do not attach themselves to the skin of humans. They travel in clothing and bedding. Their eggs are adhesive so you could be carrying around the makings of an infestation without having any idea. The longer they live in your clothes, your bedding, and your home, the more difficult it is to have them completely removed.

Bed Bug Population on the Rise

Prior to World War II, most of the world had been able to eradicate bed bugs. Since 1995, they have made a comeback and infestations are on the rise. It is likely they have evolved and are able to resist pesticides. Various chemicals and pesticides have been used to deal with these dreaded bugs, but these products are often not safe. They can be toxic; and children and pets, along with the environment, suffer the most.

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